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How to bring back the wilderness?

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OSRS is at it's peak in the number of players since it started. So the big question is; how does jagex fix the inactive wilderness?


Back in 05-07 PKing was one of the most popular things ever. You guys remember when you could make a fucking lvl 20 pure and hit up level 3 varrock wilderness and every world would be LIT?? It didn't matter if you have a level 3 or a level 50, you would always come out fighting.  How does jagex bring that back?


Is it just that the newer generation of players don't care for pking? 


Is Pking just not worth it anymore? (bad way to make money, etc.)


Has jagex just focused on so much PvM content that the wilderness has become irrelevant?


IMO, We'll never see the days of varrock lvl 1 wilderness being active ever again. MMOs are evolving and people are taking on newer interests. Runescape will always have a core number of players, but never enough to bring back the old wilderness. 


Deep wilderness Pking is another thing though. Rune rock pking in f2p is still a thing for a reason. People will always need resources. When someone is too lazy to get the mining level for rune,  he'll go out hunting for it and more people will go out hunting for that person. 


Putting more resources in deep wilderness would definitely help. I think they should put in some more rune rocks, but in a riskier spot somewhere that is multi. Maybe put in some new monster that don't drop shit that's worth 1m+ but drops some type of noted resource.


Are there any other resources you guys would like to be put into the wilderness?

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I think it's gone forever. Only way to reinvent it is to add very big bosses in the wilderness, where people need expensive gear. Like the KBD back in the day. That will bring PKers and Anti-PKers

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Resources provided in the wilderness need to be more valuable than what is outside.

Not sure if that's for the best tho. I have nothing against PvM.

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New rs players are a bunch of pussies that need their safe space lmao they're too scared to go in the wild.



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The reason why the wild was so popular, was a larger player base and the ability to find people that aren't the best at what they do.


Right now its likely that players are intimidated. It takes a bit of effort to learn how to pk to keep up with others. Being able to 1 tick, change prayers in a instant, and so on.


With clan pking, the crash wars and all the drama kind of detours players. The fear of DDOS, being scammed, hacked, and just dealing with complete idiots. 


Plus you have to have the ability to tolerate all the bull shit that goes on. The constant flaming, rushing, pjing, and fun stuff like that.


Pkers are a minority on Runescape. That is why pking related stuff wont pass. Pking updates have been at the bottom of the priority polls for a reason.


Skillers/pvmers absolutely despise pkers. We are the ones that kill them, that's all they care about. Trying to get them to transition to being part of pking is nearly impossible.


The clan world will always have the same recycled players. That is why its so hard for clans to start up. Most will stay where they are, and others will go to whichever clan is the most successful. THAT is the only reason as to why ROT has been at the top during the duration of OSRS. They are the most known and the most feared. They have no competition...that is why players flock to them. I wish ROT would close, clan pking would suddenly be boosted. Assuming they don't try to make a spinoff or all join 1 clan.




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I dont think it will ever come back. Remember that RWT played a role in Jagex's decision to remove the wild back then.

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they need to add fist of guthix back and a new f2p wildy boss that drops rune platebodys
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wilderness is dead









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Maybe it might come back in 10 or 14 years more. Nowadays, there's no incentive for pking at wilderness. Even though OSRS is at his peak it's not enough because the people who's playing OSRS is still the same. There's no young people (10-15) and they're the target customer of any MMORPG.



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wilderness is dead because of ppl scared to lose items and i think pvm has become more popular because all the content jagex added

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