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Election recount

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    MM my name must be tasty since it's always in your mouth :&a

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*Bump* Recounts don't mean shit, don't get excited.....remember G. Bush Jr? *Bump* Never Learning "Bump* Pay attention to real issues America *Bump* 

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I want to answer the question, "Did Donald Trump make America great again?" I'm going to keep track of Trump's actions (vetoes, speeches, etc), legislation passed or rejected from Congress, actions and policies of the various executive offices with leaders appointed by Trump, and the Supreme Court justice(s) over the first 100 days (at least) of his presidency.

My hypothesis is no, he won't, and on the contrary, he'll actually make various things worse.
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    A Hero Gotham Deserves

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Recount Arizona and give us legal marijuana while you're at it. 



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The recount is over. Get over it. Donald Trump is your president.

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.


Doomed Fate

Doomed Fate


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Bernie was our only hope

Bon Qui Qui

Bon Qui Qui

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Bernie was our only hope

Bernie sold his soul to Killary

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